Deliver the platform challenge to the organisation

The tools and rules developed for the innovation engine are the only parts over which the platform has truly creative control. Move up the platform layers and more of that control shifts to the platform participants. In this context of emergence, it is critical to keep the number of platform features to a minimum. Every extra feature will have a compounded—and at times serendipitous—impact on the platform experiences.

This Minimum Viable Platform builds from the essential elements of each of the platform engines. The Platform Experience Map is a simple yet effective tool for composing the MVP from these elements:

Take care for the MVP to cover a repeatable and scalable value exchange. Repeating exchanges include compensation next to base creation and consumption; curation and customisation ensure desirability of the exchanges with increasing participation:

Composed and cross-checked like this, the MVP will represent a feasible, viable, and desirable business model. The Business Model Canvas is a great tool to capture, share and discuss this business model. With this, let's organise for the platform to see the light...👊

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